Tuesday, 7 July 2015

James Brandt Of Fairfield CT Has Helped Many Companies In Increasing Their Sales

James Brandt is a Fairfield CT based Sales and Marketing expert with great years of experience under his belt. He has worked in various market leading companies and brands. While working with these companies, he has polished his skills in marketing and also helped them to increase their sales in the market. For a broader perspective, let's have a look at which company has been benefited by his skills:

  • In Focus Internet, he has increased sales from $0MM in 1996 to $500k in 1998.
  • While working in Interep Interactive, he has increased business over $4MM in the first year.
  • In MP3.com he launched the east coast office and increased sales from $0MM in 2000 to over $7MM in 2002. MP3.com was the gateway to digital music
  • In Vivendi International, he increased sales from $2MM to $40MM. He was working there as a Vice President of Sales Digital Marketing.
  • In X-fire Inc. (acquired by Viacom), James Brandt of Fairfield CT has sold online gaming sponsorships to Unilever, Pepsi & Dodge. He has increased revenue from 0MM to 2MM. He also sold conceptual ideas to major sponsors that wanted to be around gaming.
  • Then, in Viacom he served the position of Director-Key Accounts where he was selected as the Top Digital Biller all 4 years. He was responsible for over $30MM in cross platform advertising revenue. Here, he has increased Sales from $10MM to $30MM in digital revenue.
  • In Ntent, he lead the global publisher sales and product strategy. Here, he increased top line revenue from $50MM to over $120MM, while improving net margin by 15% over the last 18 months.

James Brandt of Fairfield CT has great sales leadership, revenue driving, and strategy building skills and helped to increase the sales of the companies he has worked for. He also played an immense role in increasing the turnovers of these companies.

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