Tuesday, 14 July 2015

James Brandt Of Fairfield, CT Has Comprehensive Knowledge In The Digital Marketing Field

James Brandt is a competent sales professional based in Fairfield CT who has served many businesses so far. He has great sales leadership, revenue driving, and strategy building skills. Started career in 1996 with Focus Internet, he is now working with Sprinkle Content. He has earned strong reputation as an executive leader in the sales and marketing industry. He is well versed in digital media technology. Digital marketing is the best ploy to market a business throughout the world. Technology is changing everyday and when it comes to selling a product on the internet, Mr. Brandt knows the most effective platforms to market the products.

James Brandt of Fairfield, CT is adept at promoting business through different social media channels by using effective digital media strategies. He is conversant with all the social networks and knows how to turn the visitors into potential customers. This has not been done in overnight. To build a impeccable recognition in the sales and marketing industry, it took a prolonged period of time to build and gain the trust of the customers. A lot of effort as well as dedication goes into it. He also knows how to build a brand image in the market. This is one of the biggest challenges in the digital marketing. But, Mr. Brandt knows all the techniques and unique strategies to reach out to his target clientele. He uses web analytics to examine the progress and tweak or improve his digital marketing strategies.

James Brandt of Fairfield, CT is well-versed in publishing, social media, video, mobile and programmatic. For 5 years he has worked with Viacom. Here, he increased sales to three folds i.e. from $10MM to $30MM. His responsibilities included leading a sales and marketing team, video, social and programmatic, television and tent pole sales platforms.

James Brandt of Fairfield, CT has played immense role in every company he worked for and help them in growing their sales and profits. In addition to this, he has wide areas of expertise including sales leadership, digital media and technology, and designing and implementing revenue growth strategies. Owing to his skills and expertise, he has the professional experience of working in many reputed companies of the market. He is a strategic thinker and opportunity driver who is committed towards his profession and believes in best possible outcomes in the given deadlines. He is a keen strategist, with proven success driving breakthrough growth in competing markets.

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